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Palmless™ is the platform for sustainable palm alternatives. We’re working with innovative beauty brands and food manufacturers to clean up their ingredient lists, launching co-branded products that are made with Palmless™.

The Rewild Body Block

Palmless™, Pangaia, and Haeckels

Pangaia and Palmless TM

Introducing the world's first soap formulated with Palmless™ Torula Oil. We collaborated with Pangaia, an innovator in materials science, and Haeckels, the beloved British skincare brand, to bring this beauty bar to market.

This limited edition bar soap isn't just an everyday essential - it's a solution to one of the planet's most significant environmental challenges. Palm oil is pervasive in skincare and food, but its production is notorious for its devastating impact on ecosystems worldwide.

The Rewild Body Block comes with an evocative natural scent designed to remind you of the tropical rainforests that often suffer in the wake of palm oil production. Encased in tree-free packaging crafted from cotton and bamboo, each soap bar is produced in-house by Haeckels at their coastal facility in Margate.

Enhanced with their signature seaweed extract, organic aloe vera, mandarin peel, and vetiver root, this is skincare that not only pampers your skin but also protects our planet.

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Pangaia bar soap

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Because our oil neatly matches palm oil, it can be used as a platform for multiple use cases across different categories in beauty, personal care, home care, and food.

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