Beauty’s new super ingredient

Palmless™ Torula Oil

Performance moisturization + natural innovation

Torula Oil is a luxe, biodesigned oil that sits at the intersection of performance moisturization and natural innovation. Rich in signature carotenoids and sterols from its unique fungal origins, it's beauty's new super ingredient.

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Torula Oil is a powerhouse moisturizer

Our hero ingredient

Palmless TM

Torula Oil is packed with triglycerides that keep skin smooth and supple with unique properties to drive enhanced performance.

Antioxidant carotenoids like beta carotene and torulene (a rare and novel fungal carotenoid) help maintain healthy, vibrant skin.

Replenishing sterols like ergosterol (found only within fungi), a powerful provitamin D that helps smooth skin.

Torula Oil elevates a wide variety of formulations

+ Face & Body Oils

+ Oil Cleansers

+ Bar Soaps

+ Moisturizers

+ SPF Products

+ Haircare

Torula Oil is an excellent ingredient in sunscreen formulations

Torula Oil was proven to boost SPF performance

In clinical tests, Torula Oil was proven to boost UVB performance 20% and UVA 16.4% (at 20% inclusion) for SPF products.

With Torula Oil’s orange color (to offset white mask of most SPF formulations) and velvety spreadability, it has high potential for replacing a lot of occlusives and emollients in sunscreens.

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Save the F***ing Rainforest

Something beautiful has arrived

For skin, for hair, for instigating change

Palmless™ Save the F#$%ing Rainforest is our first consumer product powered by Palmless™ Torula Oil. It is an innovative, multi-purpose nourishing oil, made to replenish skin and hair.

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Save the F***ing Rainforest